Quote Me, Howie

by Howie Hanson


November 27, 2021 | by Howie Hanson

Legendary Hill-Murray boys hockey coach Bill Lechner, on his personal thoughts heading into Tuesday's season and home opener against Benilde-St. Margaret's: "Hill-Murray boys hockey is very energized to get the season going. Coming off the 2020 season with a championship in 2A, we were poised to challenge again last year in 2021. We were excited when we earned the right once again to try and repeat in the 2021 state tournament, with a very quality team which was rated in the top-two teams in state at that time. Since the time we were told we were exposed to Covid from an opponent in section final and weren’t allowed to participate, our players have been on a mission to be fully prepared for the 2021-22 schedule. As far as teams to beat, it seems if you look at our schedule this year it consists of most, if not all, of the usual best-of-the-best. Respectfully, we believe all our players will have to have a strong role under a team structure, so I'm not big on singling out each player. Hopefully many hockey enthusiasts can watch and make their own list. One shift at a time for all the teams and see what happens from there."