I Am Not Legend

by Bart Archer

Who is Bart Archer? I have never heard of him... 

Having the fortune of being a longtime friend of the noted and familiar hockey enthusiast Pete Waggoner, I have continuously been drawn into Pete’s endeavors, sometimes without option. He has a vision and determination that can be infectious, and persuasive. 

This has been written to give an idea of who Bart Archer is, and where he fits in the wonderful world of Minnesota high school hockey. 

When the North Stars were born, I was the curious age of seven. The year was 1967, and I began to have the aspirations of becoming: a great high school player, a Gopher legend, and to play for the hometown North Stars, like so many other Minnesotans. 

That was the plan. Seemed pretty simple. Didn’t quite go as planned…

I had the privilege of growing up and developing in a deeply competitive, and storied hockey program in the southern suburbs. A good number of kids played in the system, and many had great skills. I was a fundamentally solid, versatile, physical player that could skate. Pretty good hands. Really good shot. My highest competitive level was Bantam A. We represented our community very well that year. 

As a player, way back in the day, I had some great mentors, coaches, and teammates. I played defense, both wings, center, and even spent a hard week as a goalie with goaltender coach Blaine Comstock at Bemidji hockey camp. I have been tutored by many notables: Marshall Johnston, Larry Pleau, Bob Peters, and Mark Howe. Playing extended time at each position provided a broad knowledge of the game. 

I've been involved in hockey as a player, coach, reporter, analyst, but mostly a fan for about 51 of my 58 years. My longtime partner Pete Waggoner and I have covered High School hockey for more than 32 years. I have been the hockey analyst for MyFOXHockey since inception in 2006 to 2012.  Pete has opened doors for me to broadcast for current MNHockey.TV; also State of Hockey, Let’s Play Hockey, MyFOXHockey, KFAN, FSN, OTSN, The TICKET, BOB fm, and other various Media outlets. 

In the very early days, we (Pete) set up our own production when cable TV was first available. We started in 1988, and went to the air waves covering Edina Hornet hockey, along with a cable show called Overtime. Pete was 25 years ahead of his time! We then transitioned over to cover Bloomington Kennedy in the late 80’s, then on to Jefferson through the 90’s on BEC, Bloomington Education Television. This was a great experience.

Our goal was to bring a quality broadcast to Minnesota hockey fans. That has never changed.

I have been called an expert. I don’t know where the line is, but not in my eyes. I am more of a well-rounded role player that will go into the corners and occasionally snipe from the dots. I have been a fan longer than I have been a player, coach, analyst, or columnist. I am not legend. Hockey has always been a passion, and the opportunity to be involved in the game in any fashion is appreciated. I hope this helps clear up a little who Bart Archer is... 

We hope that you enjoyed the season! Looking forward to a memorable State Tournament!!

Thank you for your loyalty.